• Our service is an alternative to the traditional transport of medical parcels.
  • Instead of cars or helicopters, we deliver unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), which are faster, cheaper, and additionally allow you to track transport in real time.
  • We have our own fleet of aircraft, a qualified flight service team and a dedicated application, thanks to which you can commission us to transport exactly as it is in the case of a courier company.

We are the first company of this type on the Polish
market and you can order us a shipment today!

What kind of shipments do we transport?

  • Blood samples and bags
  • Vaccinations
  • Interferon
  • Insulin
  • Anaphylactic drugs
  • Small organs for transplantation
  • Medical documents
  • And othe
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We are a recipe for a scattered transport market and related communication problems:

  • lack of thorough monitoring
  • insufficient automation
  • high transport costs
  • long waiting times for the delivery of medical packages
  • operational safety

How does it work?

Specify the type of medical package, e.g. test tube, blood, organ or document (you can also add a note that the tube contains biohazard material).

Add the recipient to whom
the parcel is to be delivered.

Generate an ID code in the form of an individual QR code and put it on the medical package.

Give the package to the transport service, just like in the case of a courier company.

The transport service scans the QR code and assigns it to a specific container and determinesthe drone that will
perform the flight.

The pilot receives a notification along with information about the route, flight conditions and readiness for take-off.

After the flight, the flight attendant transfers the parcel to the recipient of the parcel and confirms its receipt in the system.

Advantages of the LabAir medical drone transport:

  • Take-off and landing anywhere
  • Real-time flight and shipment temperature monitoring
  • Duplicate security systems that guarantee the reliability of drones
  • Qualified flight service staff professionally associated with the aviation industry
  • Ecology – reduction of exhaust emissions